Updates from the Village Administrator, Chris Edds.

January 28th, 2019 – February 11th, 2019

  1. Work on detours, typing of mailers, and delivery of mailers for Hemple Rd Phase 3.
  2. Prep for Hemple Rd Phase 3 Informational meeting.
  3. Research proposed zoning change @ 53 N Elm St
  4. Draft mailers and notification for proposed zoning change @ 53 N Elm St.
  5. Read meters.
  6. Corrpro out to test cathodic protection on water tower. System passed.
  7. Insulate and place bigger heater in baby pool chlorine room due to subzero temps.
  8. Treat roadways.
  9. Work on SOUR test for sludge. This is a prep prior to land application of sludge.
  10. Documents to Kevin Otte for Agronomic rate for sludge application.
  11. Replacement of frozen water meter.
  12. Troubleshoot/repair electrical problem with return sludge pumps.
  13. Snow removal.
  14. Check for potential water main break. After 3 days of searching , spot was narrowed down to Manning Rd beside High School near the ditch. We are currently awaiting the weather to cooperate so we are able to dig safely. I am hoping that the weather will cooperate on Thursday 02-14-2019 that we will be able to dig and repair the break. New Lebanon was kind enough to let us borrow their leak detector to pinpoint the location.
  15. Meet with Krammer and Assoc. for water tower bid.
  16. Contact OUPS for locate at Manning Rd. for possible leak.
  17. Work on transfer switch at WTP. Transfer switch is now completely in service and awaiting inspection from the EPA so we can receive full reimbursement.
  18. Continuous checking of WWTP and lift stations due to heavy rainfall.
  19. Create maintenance logs for generator equipment.
  20. Contact Montgomery County Engineers and Jackson Twp for approval of detours for the Hemple Rd Phase 3 project. We did receive approval from both entities.
  21. Contacted 3 residents in reference to right of way expansion.
  22. Review Hemple Rd Phase 3 Contract.
  23. Contact EPA in reference to heavy rainfall. The WWTP and all lift stations had no overflow issues. This is all thanks to our employees keeping a close watch on all of our equipment.
  24. Begin planning for installation of Well #3.
  25. Try to locate snow emergency signage. Unfortunately, none were found, so we will have to order some.
  26. We received our PEP grant monies for our 4-gas meter. Meter was ordered 02/11/2019.
  27. Daily plant duties and lab work.

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