Updates from the Village Administrator, Chris Edds.

March 12th, 2019 – April 8th, 2019

  1. Read meters.
  2. Issue permits.
  3. Check possible zoning violation on Center St.
  4. Cold patch roadways.
  5. Backwash water plant.
  6. Review Code Red contract and forward onto Mr. Brunk.
  7. Contact Hemple Rd resident in regards to Hemple Rd Phase 3.
  8. Sewer dig on Walnut St. by independent contractor hired by home owner. Dig crews struck ¾” water line while in the process of excavating sanitary lateral. Assisted crews in the repair of the water line and made sure nothing else was to be hit.
  9. Set up backup operator for the water and sewer plant in the absence of Mr. Morgan while he was on vacation.
  10. Check for potential leak of residence on Meadowgate. Found running toilet to be the culprit.
  11. Locates.
  12. Contact EPA in regards to well #3 project. We will be able to defer this project until 2021, but we will begin to break ground in 2020. I’m currently seeking grant funding to cover the cost of this project. The initial projection of cost for this project came in at $130,000. After further investigation and planning, we are looking close to $175,000.
  13. Met with resident on Jackson St in regards to fence placement.
  14. Contact Choice One Engineering in regards to Hemple Rd Phase 3.
  15. Drain pool in preparation of pressure washing.
  16. Pressure wash pool. This was a 2 day event to complete.
  17. Manning Rd lift station became inoperable on Thursday April 4th. After troubleshooting, found a mouse had chewed through float level wiring which caused a dead short. I repaired wiring and was able to place the lift station back in service.
  18. Dirt work on Broadway St from plow damage.
  19. Repair fence on Dallas St.
  20. Repair bridge washout at the waste water treatment plant.
  21. Waste sludge.
  22. CBOD’s at WWTP.
  23. Check potential water leak on N Taylor St.
  24. Weekend Checks.
  25. Clean office.
  26. Prep for Council.
  27. Check for possible cable line that was struck at Ashland Farms Lift Station. Spectrum was called for repair.
  28. Daily duties at water and waste water plants.
  29. Replace playground slide at Joint park.

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