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Chris’s Corner

Updates from the Village Administrator, Chris Edds.

June 11, 2018, – July 9, 2018

  1. Remove pumps from the baby pool for repair. Replaced skimmer pump with a spare that was in filter room.
  2. Created spread sheets for permits issued and monies collected.
  3. Repaired small leak at the water plant along with replacing chlorine lines and GFCI in the sump pit.
  4. Pre-employment checks for the new hire that will serve as Farmersville’s Service Tech 2.
  5. Contacted Mr. Devon Younce in regards to his employment with the Village of Farmersville. I am pleased to announce Mr. Younce will start on Monday, July 9, 2018.
  6. Zoning
  7. Repaired Dialers for lift stations.
  8. Assisted New Lebanon with location of water main.
  9. Troubleshot and repaired digester aerator at WWTP.
  10. Flushed hydrants on Center St due to slightly discolored water. After flushing of hydrants, residents stated it alleviated the problem.
  11. Found an illegal plumbing connection in the basement of a residence. The problem was corrected immediately after the problem was found.
  12. Found a lift station to be malfunctioning. Problem was immediately corrected with no further issues.
  13. Corrected and repaired issues at the pool and park.
  14. Received delivery of our new bulk water station at the water plant. We are hoping to have the building set sometime in the next week.
  15. Issued various permits.
  16. Bearing locked up on baby pull skimmer pump. Pump was replaced with rebuilt pump that was just received back from being rebuilt.
  17. Normal daily duties to include, Water and Waste Water treatment plant testing, mowing grounds, and utility locates.
  18. Received water meter for high school. We are currently waiting for a time slot from the school so that we can replace existing meter.
  19. I have scheduled Hydrant Flushing to be done and completed the evening of July 25th. A reminder will be sent out to residents on this month’s water bill.
  20. We had to estimate approx. 125 water services due to time constraints and being short staffed. The last few days of this month was filled with pulling and testing samples for the water and waste water treatment plants. Next month we will continue to read as normal.
  21. We have had a higher than usual call volume for repairs to be made to the pool during working and non-working hours. All repairs have been completed in a timely fashion resulting in 0 downtimes for the pool.
  22. Placing calls to various contractors for quotes for our CDBG grant.
  23. Finishing up the install for our automatic transfer switch for the water treatment plant which was provided by grant monies from the EPA.

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