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Chris’s Corner

Bi-weekly updates from the Village Administrator, Chris Edds.

  1. Located and purchased shed for bulk water station from Old Hickory Buildings of Lebanon, Ohio for the sum of $2593.43. The shed will be pre-built and delivered on site in approx. 3 weeks.
  2. Read meters.
  3. Took care of misc. zoning issues.
  4. Repaired and changed locks at WWTP, Repaired exhaust fans, and repaired other misc. issues to comply with our loss control through PEP.
  5. Interviews for Service Tech 2 position. We had great candidates that interviewed very well which made it tough for a final decision. Steve and I came to an agreement and will present our candidate to the council at our meeting on 06-11-18.
  6. Demo of old bulk water station. Salvaged whatever material we could from the shed.
  7. Issuance of building permits.
  8. Decant Aerobic Digester at WWTP.
  9. Lift station problem on Hemple Rd. Found check valve to be completely plugged with rock and other misc. debris. Check valve was cleared of debris and brought back to full operation.
  10. Repaired Cl2 leak at pool.
  11. Bulk trash pickup went off without a hitch. We were very fortunate this year with only having to use one dumpster. Mr. Holloway did a great job of keeping up with all the refuse that was left out for pickup.
  12. Sampling and daily rounds at the WWTP and WTP.
  13. Mowing of grounds.
  14. Preparing to receive bids for our CDBG grant.
  15. Met with a concerned citizen in regards to inspections.
  16. Depot Point Park Beautification

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