Updates from the Village Administrator, Chris Edds.

July 8th, 2019 – August 12th, 2019

  1. Zoning
  2. Locate trashcans and place back in respective places around town.
  3. Work on Ball Diamond well paper work for EPA.
  4. Price material for ball diamond water line placement.
  5. Work on alley vacation paperwork for resident.
  6. Distribute and sign paperwork for auditor.
  7. Replace mulch bed for resident after area was disturbed for water line was repaired.
  8. Hemple Rd road closure problems. Problem was mitigated and no further issues were reported.
  9. Material was priced and ordered for the Hemple Rd project.
  10. Issues at WWTP.
  11. Fix WWTP fencing.
  12. Publish Hemple Rd update.
  13. Locate forced main for township resident who would like to tap into both water and waste water facilities.
  14. Prep for Riley temporary water line and tapped residence into meter with NSF approved hose to see where water discoloration could potentially come from per home owner’s request. Met with resident @ 330 to complete installation. After approx. 3 weeks, resident stated there were no changes from bypassing original service lateral.
  15. Contacted Frontier communications numerous times to get their project started. The slow response has pushed back our start date on Hemple Rd Phase 3 by several months.
  16. Repair and replace flags that were torn and tattered. FABA was kind enough to purchase 16 new American Flags as well as material to fix broken flag poles. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all they do for our Village!
  17. As of 7/22/2019 we were back to our full workforce after an employee was out for an extended period from an injury.
  18. Meet with Chief Schade in reference to upcoming car show which will be on 08/17/2019.
  19. Contacted by a resident in regards to political signs. After discussion with our Village Attorney we have found that we will have to change the zoning ordinance pertaining to political signs.
  20. Repaired and replaced floats on lift station pumps at WWTP.
  21. Work at pool.
  22. Install piping, diffusers, and airline to center aeration basin at WWTP.
  23. Switch over from clarifier 2 to clarifier 1 and Clean out clarifier 2.
  24. Meet with Prograde and Choice 1 Engineering in regards to Hemple Rd Phase 3.
  25. Search for grant monies pertaining to the Well #3 installation.
  26. Test holes for subgrade on Hemple Rd Phase 3.
  27. WWTP and WTP daily duties.
  28. Read meters.
  29. Prep for start of Hemple Rd Phase 3.
  30. Assist resident with water shut off after large leak.
  31. Create refuse customer sheet for Rumpke.
  32. Zoning
  33. Take rotating assembly to Gorman-Rupp for rebuild after contractor failed to remove shipping plugs after installation. This mistake caused our newly rebuilt and installed rotating assembly to fail. The contractor did pay for the rebuild of said rotating assembly.
  34. We had a gas leak at the Village office on Friday August 2nd. I was able to shut the main off to the building and Vectren came out and fixed the meter with no incident. I did evacuate the building until the building was identified to be free from any hazards.
  35. Both return sludge pumps failed at the WWTP. We Identified the problem and fixed one pump and replaced one with a used pump that we had in stock.
  36. Repaired guide rails on return sludge pump.
  37. Rebuilt High Service pump #2 at WTP. We now have 2 freshly rebuilt pumps at the water plant to give us years of hassle free use.
  38. Bulk water station repair.
  39. Building permits.
  40. Remark parking spots and school zone areas throughout the Village.
  41. Backwash water treatment plant.
  42. Prep for meeting.
  43. Repair street broom for back hoe. This has became a joint venture with the Township and Village. We have split the cost of the repair with the Township due to both entities using it.
  44. Prep documents for the resubmittal of Center St phase
  45. Speak to John McDaniel of the Ohio EPA regarding a water complaint @ 230 W Center St.

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