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Chris’s Corner

Updates from the Village Administrator, Chris Edds.

October 8th, 2018 – October 22nd, 2018

  1. Repair of WWTP Generator. Generator would not start when trying to exercise. Found Sticking relay and repaired said relay.
  2. Check on sanitary lateral repair performed by Roto-Rooter on Hemple Rd.
  3. Field complaints on fiber bore project. Spoke to Roger with Kenneth Myers to bring in topsoil to finish grading holes that were dug.
  4. Disperse Notice of Reschedule of Meeting throughout community.
  5. Assist New Lebanon on use of their GPS system
  6. Received signatures of operators of WWTP and WTP.
  7. Repaired curb stop at a residence on Broadway.
  8. Contacted and sent zoning letter to Mr. Ferris in regards to completion of demo of his garage.
  9. Ordered and received 50 ton of Salt from Detroit Salt Company to prepare for winter.
  10. Zoning
  11. Locates to prepare for digs on Taylor St and Harvest Pl
  12. Meet with Choice 1 Engineering for walk through on Hemple Rd Phase 3. We found just a few issues on preliminary walk through that will be corrected.
  13. Crews took down slide at park due to slide having large hole and appeared to be a safety issue.
  14. Completed wiring at WTP for bulk water station.
  15. Repaired a small leak at WTP.
  16. Assisted Jackson Twp. Road Dept. with a locate.
  17. Contacted Pelton Environmental for ETA on high service pump repair @ WTP.
  18. Serviced all of the Villages Generators.
  19. Removed tree from fence and driveway of WWTP that fell. Also spoke to owner of the property from which the tree fell to see when he would be able to remove dangerous tree on his property.
  20. Hooked up coolant heater and recirculating pump on WTP generator.
  21. Placed and hooked up permanent heater in WTP.
  22. Collected addresses of properties that needed dirt work done after fiber bore project.
  23. Review of discharge permit for WWTP.
  24. Contacted by school in ref to water bill being high at the high school. Prepared work sheet for water usage. I also took another reading at the school to make sure reading was correct.
  25. Resident called in reference to large sinkhole under house. Upon arrival found a 12’x8’x12’ deep sinkhole under house. Contacted our building inspection dept to be sure that the structure was not compromised.
  26. Check sanitary lateral at the church parsonage to make sure line wasn’t bored through. Nothing was found at the time.
  27. Assist New Lebanon with a main break. Crews needed one more trash pump to keep up with flow of main.

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