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Chris’s Corner

Bi-weekly updates from the Village Administrator, Chris Edds.

 April 9, 2018

  1. Worked on the water production cost analysis for the village.
  2. Met with crews on Center St for the repair of a residential water line.
  3. Met with Kevin Otte from Otte Ag for soil sampling of a potential sludge application site on Havermale Rd. As of now, the village has only one sludge application site. We are in the process of certifying two more sites through the EPA so that we are not putting such a burden on only one field. If all goes well, we will have a total of three sites that are certified by mid to late spring.
  4. Read VVHS water meter. It took approx. 30 -45 mins to gain access to the meter due having to pump the meter vault that was filled to the top (7′) with water
  5. Met with Maury Wyckoff of Montgomery County Building and Regulations in reference to the changeover to NIC as our inspection services.
  6. Met with Tawana Jones with CDBG in reference to the approval of our CDBG grant. The grant will be for the replacement of handicapped-accessible ramps on some of our area sidewalks.
  7. Worked on VVHS water bill issue.
  8. Worked with NIC to prepare for an appeal hearing with the State of Ohio. This hearing is to certify that they will be our Village Building and Regulations Dept.
  9. Prepared all information for upcoming BZA hearing for the address of 205 E Center St.
  10. Read water meters
  11. Fixed manhole at WWTP due to garbage truck striking and knocking the lid into the sanitary sewer.
  12. EPA reporting
  13. Addressed issues with localized flooding due to heavy rainfall.
  14. Severe storms passed through the area on Tuesday. At last check, we received approx. 3″ The village made it through with minimal problems and no power outages. Our newly installed tornado siren worked very well by warning our area residents of impending danger.
  15. Prepared water usage summary for VVHS.
    1. Met with the superintendent in reference to the water bill.
  16. Prepping WWTP for next substantial rainfall.
  17. Backwashed WTP and all necessary testing for both WWTP and WTP.

March 26, 2018