Updates from the Village Administrator, Chris Edds.

May 28th, 2019 – June 10th, 2019

  1. Work on the pool.
  2. Pick up decommissioned fire hose that was donated by Farmersville Fire Dept. to go on response trailer.
  3. Zoning
  4. Read meters.
  5. Set up a sample schedule for water and wastewater plants.
  6. Contact Scott Eardley with Ohio EPA in regards to follow up testing on Center St. Mr. Eardley was pleased with the results and stated we would not have to go any further with the investigation.
  7. Road work on Hemple Rd.
  8. Pick up bulk items.
  9. Repair curb stop at Stiver residence. This was a complicated dig due to all the utilities in close proximity of the curb stop. Dig was completed with repair made and no damage to utilities at the work site.
  10. Completed CCR for the Village and sent out web address for an electronic copy on water bills.
  11. Delivered paper copies of CCR to surrounding businesses to be posted.
  12. Locates.
  13. Troubleshoot and repair small lift station at Hemple Rd easement.
  14. Water turn-ons.
  15. Locate the water line at Riley Residence.
  16. Issuance of permits.
  17. Bacteria samples pulled for Town and Park. It was found that we had a positive Total Coliform result for the Ball Diamond Well. I am currently getting estimates to run a line from the community center well to the ball diamonds concession and restrooms. This will make it to where the ball diamond well will be abandoned (due to the well has reached its useful life and is beyond repair) and will alleviate any time needed to spend weekly by our operator of record. This will also give the parks the ability to spray their ball diamonds to be rid of any noxious weeds.
  18. Pull WWTP samples.
  19. Meet with resident for possible faulty water meter.  It was found that the water meter was in working condition when tested.
  20. Meet with EPA at the park in regards to well problems. I am currently working closely with Mr. Boden to mitigate any problems at the park. Mr. Boden is pleased by our actions and advised to keep up the great work.
  21. Replace faucet in men’s restroom at ball field due to damage.
  22. Backwash water plant.
  23. Typical water and wastewater plant duties.
  24. Mowing
  25. Complete bulk item pickup.
  26. Prep for council.

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