Wipes marked as “flushable” have become an increasing problem for our waste-water treatment plant. While the wipes may make it through your plumbing system at home, they can accumulate and create clogs when heading to the treatment plant.


We know there are challenges during these trying times, but we need to make a very important request — please, please, be careful what you flush down your toilets. Only flush the Four P’s — pee, poop, puke, and (toilet) paper.

In addition to causing problems at the Village’s treatment plant and lift stations, the wipes can also get clogged in a resident’s portion of the sewer line, which could potentially cost them thousands of dollars.


Despite being labeled as “flushable”, the wipes do not break down the same way regular toilet paper does and ends up creating havoc at the treatment plant, forcing expensive repairs. 


Please help us save Village expenses by avoiding flushable wipes.